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Target Boards are a great fun way for your class to practice arithmetic. They wont even realise they are working!

Special thanks to Simon Lewis, Principal of Carlow Educate Together for devising this activity.

Target Boards are very simple and doing them through the Maths Week website will make it a lot more fun for your class.

A set of 9 numbers is given and using any of these numbers (only once in each expression) and the four operators, find out how many expressions you can make that makes up the target number.

The idea is to come up with as many expressions using the numbers on the board and the operators

+ addition

- Subtraction

* Multiplication

/ Division

You must use * for multiplication and / for division or it wont be recognised.

You can also group parts of the expression using brackets ( and ).


1+2+3 = 6

1+2*3 = 7

(1+2)*3 = 9

Simply register and you can begin. You will be issued with a class code which is used for keeping your entries together. It is not intended as a security tool.

A new Target Board will be published for each day of Maths Week.

There are also two demonstration boards for you to try out. These are not part of the competition and are available all the time.


Target Boards
You need a class code for Target Boards (so that we can keep class data together). This code used for Target boards only. If you haven't registered use the link below.

Class Code: