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Why not run an event yourself

Steve Humble (aka Dr Maths) gives advice on running in-school maths enrichment activities.


Steve Humble (aka Dr Maths) believes that the fundamentals of mathematics can be taught via practical experiments. Having worked as a maths subject leader in various educational establishments for over 20 years, he has spent the last five years as a Senior Regional Coordinator for the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM). Now working as a Freelance Mathematics Consultant, he supports schools in raising their student achievement through creating a positive attitude to maths. Steve also works with the Further Mathematics Support Programme and teaches mathematics on the Primary PGCE Course at Newcastle UniversityIn his role as a maths publicist he writes a fortnightly column for the Evening Chronicle newspaper to help create greater public understanding of mathematics. Carol Vorderman’s recent UK government report on mathematics education described Steve as “an inspiring individual, providing opportunities for children to do mathematics that they find exciting and interesting”. He holds the Guinness World Record for the most children learning maths outside the classroom.


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How to Create a Fun Maths Day


Does the prospect of coordinating a Maths Day event during Maths Week Ireland seem a little daunting? This guide of resources and ideas aims to alleviate those fears, giving you helpful advice on how to successfully run your very own maths event.


You may decide to have a particular theme for your Maths Day or to use a variety of ideas. Click on the following links to help you plan and organise your schools Maths Day:


Maths Heroes – links to the past

Maths Puzzle Day

Maths Trails - Walk on the wild side with maths

Maths Mazes

The Magic of Maths – become a Maths Magician

Code Breaking for the Young Secret Agent

Maths Games and Challenges

Maths Art – explore the Maths in Art

Use Maths to design your very own Kite

Maths Computer Activities

Cross Curricular Maths



How will Maths Day work.

  • Work together with other members of staff in your school – it’s always good to bounce ideas off each other and everyone has their own strengths you can draw on. Having decided upon an idea or theme for your Maths Day involve the students in a brainstorming and decision-making session for ideas on what they would like to do. Set up a smaller team of students to help you plan and create the resources required. Your students will have lots of creative ideas to help.


  • Work with your team on the details of each activity. Guide the student team to keep the activities easy to understand.


  • You may want to have small prizes or rewards when challenges have been successful completed.


  • As part of the Maths Week Ireland you could plan to have a family fun afternoon/evening to celebrate the successes of the week. Give out prizes and/or fun certificates for game winners.


  • Have a team of students capture the day on video or in photographs and use this to share the positive experiences of the day.


  • If it’s your first time organising a maths day it’s a good idea to keep it simple, and then build on the activities you have found to be most successful year on year.

Tell us about successful events you have run, or if you have any good web resources, suggestions or ideas for Maths please email us at and let us know.