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Maths Art

Maths Art – explore the Maths in Art

 There are many geometrical links between mathematics and art. During your Maths Art Day you can choose to explore a certain artist or style of painting with the students creating their own art or posters.


Escher Tessellated Fish


Random Art – use a dice to determine colours used



Galileo wrote that, “The Universe is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles, and other geometric figures”



 The Golden Ratio was thought by the Greeks to have certain aesthetic properties which link to nature. It has been used by artists and architects for generations.





Finding the Golden Ratio

See Dr Maths (aka Steve Humble) uncovering the golden ratio in the architecture of a Cathedral.


Fibonacci Number and Nature

Maths links to nature with Rabbits, Honeybees, Sea Shells, Flower Petals and leaves



The teacher package on Maths and Art from Plus Magazine brings together all Plus content on maths and art in the following categories and is a good place to start and get ideas for your Maths Art Day; Maths and the Visual Arts, Maths and Design, Maths and Music, Maths and Film, Maths and Theatre, Maths and Writing.



A website suggesting ways to use art to teach maths.