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Activites for Secondary Schools

Maths related material and activities suitable for secondary school students can be found on the web. Please tell us about resources you have used and activities you have run in your school so we can share them.

The following sites have fun interesting maths for kids and ideas for teachers.  Please note that CALMAST has no control over the content of these sites. Teachers must satisfy themselves as to the suitability of any of these sites. If you have any other good web resources for Maths please email us at and let us know. - Problem Solving for Irish Second Level Mathematicians - interesting problems posted each week. - categories include investing, history of maths, maths and music, maths and science.

Plus+ magazine

Plus+ is a complementary online magazine, which to tell students about the diverse applications of mathematics to solve problems in physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and economics. It provides stories about new developments in mathematics and mathematical sciences, interviews with mathematicians, information about degree courses, history of mathematics and science, mathematical biographies, and links to other mathematics websites and resources.

This Irish website has resources for junior cycle secondary school. - Lots of shapes for kids to make including a team project to build a massive icosahedron. - maths games, maths lessons, maths puzzles and maths fun for kids of all ages :-) - is developed and maintained by Rod Pierce, who loves mathematics and fun. The idea behind the site is to offer mathematics as well as some fun bits, and to combine the two wherever possible. - categories include investing, history of maths, maths and music, maths and science.