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Maths and Music show

In the African and Cuban music traditions, the Bembe rhythm is very popular. It is played on bells and appears in many styles. Finding the greatest common denominator (g.c.d.) of two numbers is easy. We learnt in primary school that it simply consists of listing the divisors of the two numbers and picking their greatest common divisor (g.c.d.). What do the Bembe rhythm and the g.c.d. of two numbers have in common? They are related by Euclid's algorithm, a very old and simple method to compute the g.c.d. In this interactive presentation they will look at the connection between Bembe rhythm and Euclid’s algorithm and also explore other connections between Mathematics and Music.
  • Location: Ulster
  • Secondary
When Oct 18, 2012
from 09:45 AM to 10:45 AM
Where Drama Theatre, Central Building at Stranmillis University College
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Attendees Key Stage 4 pupils
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